Design System



Amber is an open source design system crafted by the team at Bitrock to help designers and developers build great digital products and experiences. The system consists of visual guidelines, flexible components and useful resources.

The goals of the system include improving UI consistency and quality, making the design and development process more efficient and focused, establishing a shared vocabulary between designer and developer, and providing clear, discoverable guidance around design and development best practices.


Amber is open

It's a distributed effort, guided by the principles of the open-source movement. Amber's users are also its makers, and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

Amber is inclusive

It's designed and built to be accessible to all, regardless of ability or situation.

Amber is modular and flexible

Amber's modularity ensures maximum flexibility in execution. Its components are designed to work seamlessly with each other, in whichever combination suits the needs of the user.

Amber puts the user first

Starting with rigorous research into user's needs and desires, and revised continuously based on their feedback, Amber is laser-focused on real people.

Amber builds consistency

Every element and component of Amber was designed from the ground up to work elegantly together to ensure consistent, cohesive user experiences.

Last Updated: 2/1/2019, 9:28:34 AM